Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Gustavus Adolphus, late king of Sweden, plans a trip to Palestine, and requests international compatriots.

Basle, Feb. 3.—The Duke of Holstein-Eutin, (the late king of Sweden) is determined to travel to the Holy Land, and has already received from the Grand Seignour the necessary permission in that respect. He has caused the following notice to be published here in French:—

“We make known by these presents, that the Ottoman Porte has given us permission to visit the Holy City. One of our wishes is now fulfulled—it has been the object of our most ardent desires from our youth, and at a time when there did not appear any possibility of accomplishing it. We hailed a secret presentiment, that we should one day be destined by divine Providence to undertake this pilgrimage.

“In directing our steps to Jerusalem, we should for ever reproach ourselves if we neglected to inform the christian world of our resolution to visit that Holy City, since we hope to be accompanied by some brethren of our holy religion.

“We propose the following conditions to those who may wish to join us in the journey. We invite among the European nations ten brethren to accompany us to Jerusalem,—that is to say,—an Englishman, a Dane, a Spaniard, a Frenchman, an inhabitant of Holstein-Eutin, a Hungarian, a Dutchman, an Italian, a Russian and a Swiss.

  1. Each of them must be provided with a certificate from the diocese or consistory of his country, attesting the purity of his motives.
  2. The place of rendezvous shall be the town ot Trieste; and the 2d of June next is the day appointed for the general meeting.
  3. Those that can play upon any instrument, will take it with them, if it be not too cumbersome.
  4. Each one must be provided with 4000 Augsburg florins, or at least 2000, in order to meet the preliminary expenses of the journey, and to form a general or common stock.
  5. Each one to have a right to take a servant with him, on condition that he be a christian, or a person of good morals.
  6. The brothers to put on a black dress which is neither magnificent or expensive;—they are to let their beards grow as a proof of manly resolution, and to regard it as an honour to bear the name of Black Brethren. The costume, as well as the armament and equipment, shall be definitely settled at Trieste, and also the Holy Convention.
  7. The dress of the servants to be dark grey; this shall also be decided at Trieste.
  8. The latest period of admission to the union of the Black Brethren is the 24th of June. Afterwards the publick will be informed whether the number be complete or not.
  9. Those persons that shall enter into this union are to make it known in the newspapers of their country, and also of those of Frankfort on the Main, and acquaint us with it in writing at the same time, by directing for the Editor of the Frankfort Gazette.

Given at Basle, on the 27th of January, Anno Domini 1815.

Duke of Holstein-Eutin.




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