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2001 Dec 8 AlterNet -- Israel in 600 Words or Less
Summary of how Israel goes.»
Tanya Reinhart on the proposed Academic Boycott of Israel (short version: Academics are just as political as everyone else, and an international academic boycott is a valid idea).»
Jul 9 A History of the Mideast in the Humble Chickpea
The argument between Israel and Palestine over the provenance of Falafel. Falafel Queens, which is mentioned in the article,IS the best falafel in Israel. I once walked 12 miles to go to Falafel Queens, to get the “green” falafel, and it was closed. That was a sad day.»
Aug 14 Uri Avnery: A Phone Call From Hell
From CounterPunch - a Gush Shalom activist (Gush Shalom is one of the oldest and smartest peace organizations in the world) describes attempts at consciousness-raising about war crimes inside Israel. War crimes are committed there by the Israeli occupying army by routine. ”Of all the curses thrown at us, the most instructive was 'informers.' It belongs to the ghetto vocabulary. When Jews were a defenseless community, helplessly exposed to the cruelty of Gentile authorities, a Jew who denounced another Jew to the Goyim was considered the vilest of the vile. The fact that this word is used today, after 54 years of having our state, when we have one of the most powerful armies in the world, shows that many in our country still live in the world of the ghetto. Verily, it seems that it is easier to get the Jews out of the ghetto than to get the ghetto out of some Jews. The judges of the International Criminal Court look to them like a mob of drunken Cossacks intent on carrying out a pogrom.“»
Oct 13 Protest in Abu Dis
A joint Iraeli-Palestinian protest - Bryan Atinsky documents a protest which leads to violent police action, in addition to nonviolent protesters being outright refused the freedom of assembly. I (meaning me) paid for the camera used to take these pictures, which makes me proud, proud, proud.»
2004 Jan 16 A Rap Beef in Israel
“The lyrics are we should never be divided again, only together will we survive and maintain Israel. What is so wrong with that?” Shimoni says in an interview, wearing a rhinestone Star of David pendant.»
Jan 26 Israeli Rabbis Hope to Search Vatican
Israel's chief rabbis, who will meet the pope Friday, said they hope to get permission to search Vatican storerooms for artifacts such as the huge golden menorah that stood in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.»


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