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  1. 4701
  2. A Good Thing to Do
  3. Abbe's Birthday
  4. Accordion Time
  5. Age of X
  6. All The Memories I'll Need
  7. Another Puppet Show
  8. Another Whining Progressive
  9. As Brooklyn Slowly Drunkened
  10. Beautiful Ladies
  11. Big Reading Thingamajig With Folks
  12. Bloggity
  13. Ceiling
  14. Chemical Plants
  15. Chinatown and Back
  16. Class
  17. Commute
  18. Concession Stand
  19. Condiment Wrapper
  20. Copernican Politics
  21. Copy
  22. Crashing a Republican Party
  23. DVD Player
  24. Dawn over 9th St.
  25. Easy Way Out
  26. Empire State
  27. Finding Bartleby
  28. Flood 2
  29. Gallivespians
  30. Give the Country the Facts
  31. Gone Protestin'
  32. Heffalumps/Too much TotT
  33. How I Learned to Swim
  34. Installing updates
  35. Interlude: Victim
  36. Interview Extension
  37. Knowing Your Era
  38. Labor Abstract
  39. Laundromat
  40. Letter
  41. Life With Machines
  42. Lists
  43. Looking for Something Stable
  44. Lost Habits
  45. March March
  46. Meats
  47. Medium of Exchange
  48. Medium of Exchange (Revised)
  49. Meeting
  50. Memory of the New Economy
  51. Misc. Dialogues
  52. Miscellaneous Blues and Oranges
  53. Miscellany
  54. My Cat Abraham Lincoln
  55. My Three Favorite Computer Games of 2004
  56. Northeast Corridor
  57. Only the Dead
  58. Outsourcing, Etc.
  59. Passing Softly
  60. Pepsitilting
  61. Planespotting
  62. Predictions
  63. Processing Processing
  64. Progress
  65. Prosebot
  66. Regarding the Passivator
  67. Rejected Political Cartoons
  68. Review
  69. Sadness After the Condiment War
  70. Santas
  71. Shopping
  72. Sleepless
  73. Smith St. Between 9th and Nelson
  74. Smith St. Between Nelson and Huntington
  75. Taking the Edge Off
  76. Talking With Mom
  77. Telescope
  78. The Banality of Google
  79. The Board
  80. The Chinese Cats
  81. The Condiment War
  82. The Election
  83. The Ftrain Sitekit
  84. The Law
  85. The Moral Character of the Monkey
  86. The Passivator
  87. The Soldiers at Smith & 9th St
  88. The Spy
  89. The pigs
  90. Three Gates
  91. Tufte vs. Bloom 1
  92. Tufte vs. Bloom 2
  93. Views of TK
  94. Voice
  95. Walking/Riding
  96. Webs, Semantic and Otherwise
  97. Why Evangelical Christians Should Not Vote for Bush
  98. Working for the Man
  99. Yet Another

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2003 Oct 29 How I Thank Them
A young woman is trapped by her drunken father. An absolutely outstanding piece of writing.»


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